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Is the Danasoft signature a hacking tool, or can it be used to violate anyone's privacy?

Absolutely not! The Danasoft signature can never be used maliciously, such as to track you. Users come to and create custom signs, with text that they choose, and they then display their custom signs in forums or on websites using a simple image link. We don't monitor or censor the text that users choose to display on their signs and we don't offer any kind of monitoring, IP, or location tracking services. Regardless of what prankster text might appear on a user's custom sign, the sign is totally harmless.

When you view the sign, you will see your IP address and computer info. When others view the sign, they will see THEIR information. Try it, ask a friend to visit They won't see your IP, they will see their IP. Your information is never shown to others or traced or tracked. This is always true, no matter where the Danasoft sign appears (within web pages, emails, etc).

Whenever you visit a website, your IP address is automatically broadcast to that site, and it's even broadcast to those sites that you don't visit when you load a website that contains images that are hosted by a third party, such as advertisements. When you load the Danasoft signature from a webpage, your IP address is automatically broadcast to us, just like any other site. does not "hack" your computer to obtain your IP address. One of the purposes of the sign, besides for fun and amusement, is to spread awareness that your IP and other computer information is known to every website that you visit. If that concerns you, there are software programs available to mask your IP and other information when you surf the web, search Google for those. doesn't log the IP addresses of people that view our signature graphics - we simply host the custom signatures. When a request comes in to display a signature, our software creates the sign "on-the-fly", and displays the viewer's IP and other computer info on the sign. Our software draws a new sign for every single person that views it.

The signature graphic is not a website statistics tool. It cannot be used to tell you who is visiting your website because we do not provide that service, and as mentioned above, we don't even know who is viewing the signs since we don't log that information.

For more info, read the privacy policy.

Go ahead, create your own sign to use in forums, on MySpace, on your website, anywhere!

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